We are the modern women, the leaders who are aiming for a purpose bigger than ourselves and aren’t afraid to create our own tables.

The founder, Issa van den Berg, uses her formula as a blueprint to her business, herself, and her relationships.

Come join us as we peel back layers of conditioning, face true power, and truly embody the women we are meant to be. Let’s build our legacy through our heart & soul alignment while we build an empire and change the world.

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Money Mastery online event


What if you could delve into the essence of matter?

Embody the energy rather than having it come and go.
What if you understood on a much deeper level what you are truly manifesting now?

It’s not about the matter itself that’s merely the end product.
In reality you are manifesting entirely different things than the material form shaping your outcomes.

What if you gain true insight into this and start understanding it differently?
What if you can hold the power in that understanding?
Something different unfolds.
You enter the grand game.

Drawing from science and quantum physics what if you could truly master it?

In this live online event we will spend 4 hours delving into the science behind manifestation.

We dive into deep energy work simulation activations science and quantum physics.

After this day you’ll possess a completely different energy comprehending the layers beneath matter in a way few master.

This is for you if you’ve manifested a lot.
You understand how it works but struggle with quantum leaps and holding the energy consistently.

The investment is €444 excluding VAT.

In numerology the number four represents consistency progress and stability.
Number 444 signifies that you are at the beginning of a positive change.
It offers assurance and the opportunity to embrace renewal simultaneously.

Everything holds meaning and frequency.

The event takes place on April 14th
From 10 AM to 2 PM
And you’ll have access to the replay.