We are the modern women, the leaders who are aiming for a purpose bigger than ourselves and aren’t afraid to create our own tables.

The founder, Issa van den Berg, uses her formula as a blueprint to her business, herself, and her relationships.

Come join us as we peel back layers of conditioning, face true power, and truly embody the women we are meant to be. Let’s build our legacy through our heart & soul alignment while we build an empire and change the world.

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Your divine force is your portal to your world
Expand your original power
Explore a new way of living

Welcome to Ultra Muse

Be the most raw, radiant and powerful
version of yourself over and over again.
There is always an upgrade available for you.
There is always new wisdom available for you.
There is always a new reality available for you.
There is always access to your untamed self.

This program originated and was created leading up to the birth of my first grandson.
I guided him through the portal. Literally a portal that opened and placed me in a new timeline and role on so many layers. But also the force and presence during labor. Where my daughter and I from wholeness creating this experience in the rawest energy there is. And this rawest energy is the most important energy in our lives as a human being. It’s connected to our deepest power and untamed energy.

For days, we sat in our bubble with only our family and no one from outside. This allowed us to literally embody what was given to us.

I was pushed even further into my mission and from the void I rolled into a new creation process from which Multidimensional Muses was born.
My force.
My voice.
My own channel that I open for you.

Divine force is not just a gift—it’s my essence. It’s something I continue to embody fully on my personal journey. Over and over again. And after releasing resistance in the last few years. I’m able to authentically and powerfully activate others, touching them deeply and igniting their own raw potential.

Returning to my innate power and embracing it fully has transformed every aspect of my life. From my relationships to my businesses and even the way I perceive and experience life. Everything has been profoundly impacted. Through harnessing my divine force I am able to manifest and give shape to everything in the physical realm. Everything.

Some beautiful expressions captured in words from women who experienced the container of Multidimensional Orgasm.

It was extraordinary
And something out of this world

Many asked for another round.
But I knew I needed to be patient to receive.
the next download that wanted to come through me.

And it came.
A new masterpiece arrived.

It will change my life
And it will change your life

Program: Ultra Muses

Part 1: Igniting your divine force as your portal to your world
Fuel your Inner transformation to outer Freedom
Understand the language of your divine force in the outer world
Aligning your inner and outer worlds
Learn how to connect your inner and outer worlds and to see it on all levels as one
Understanding your desires
Explore and understand your deepest desires from your divine force
Shifting your Inner World
Make a shift in your inner world, no matter where you live.
Adapting to a New Lifestyle
Adapt and create a new lifestyle that is in tune with your divine force and rhythm

Part 2: Energetic and Sexual/Sensual Alchemy
Harnessing your creative power
Uplevel your creative power in your business through your divine force
Becoming a Ultra-Dimensional Muse
Develop yourself as Ultra muse.
Expanding your embodiment
Deepen your understanding of expansion and embodiment from your divine force
Magnetic creation
Discover the feminine way of expansion, requiring action.
Adapting to a New Lifestyle

8 Modules
8 Divine channeled teachings
Be ready for one of the biggest transmissions

✨ Downloads audio form
✨ Channeled messages with our own componised music
✨ Access to three powerful IS and SA divine force tools by Issa
✨ 8 masterclasses van Issa virtual experience
✨ Playlist

A woman living in the rhythm and tune of her divine force is a multidimensional muse
It’s a Ultradimensional skill
Your voice
Your power
Your being
It’s extraordinary

Start 8th of April and runs until 27th of May.

Masterclasses virtual experiences
8, 15, 22, 29 April
6, 13, 20, 27 May
Every Monday mastercall 10 till 11.30

Lifetime access to the online environment.

If you are a multidimensional muse member of our Iconic World
You automatically have access to this program

If you pay in full you receive also a VIP ticket for our live in person event in the Netherlands 7th June (limited spots) worth €555 ex tax.

Extra bonus if you secure your spot before 11th of march you also get access to the online event The science beyond money (worth 555 ex tax). 

Divine force is for Issa, a gateway of boundless potential. For Issa this gateway transcends the constraints of tantra and conventional teachings on divine force —it is her voice, her power, her beginning and endings.

Without the guidance of books but rather directly guided by the source as in deep conversations with the divine. Issa began a profound exploration and embodiment of this cosmic channel.
In her previously written books, Issa invites you on a journey into her intimate connection with this energy and its profound significance in her life. Sharing her story sheds light on why many women struggle to fully embody and express this energy in their own unique ways. Embracing it fully requires courage as it encompasses a vast world that few can comprehend let alone embody.

Her journey of healing, embodiment and access to new wisdom unfolds gradually as she courageously shares insights acquired along her path. “Multidimensional Orgasm,” her inaugural program, continues to resonate with audiences craving its return. In her master’s training (Supremely Aligned Mastery) Issa provides her students with the tools and knowledge to use divine force for healing, connection, power and personal growth.

Issa follows only her sacral “yes” and regards the creative process as sacred. She discerns which desires seek manifestation through her gateway traversing layers of existence into physical form. Her unique approach often challenges the norms of our disconnected society yet it resonates deeply with the profound longing of many souls.

If you resonate with the knowing that your divine force is your gateway, Issa invites you into her world and wisdom. For those who have and feel a deep desire to explore, apply and embody on a whole new level. Step into her field and experience a new level of expansion and embodiment.